Seasonal Camper REFUND CHART 2016 (346 kb)



Refund Chart and Incentive Program

The UTRCA's Seasonal Camper Refund Policy is intended to maintain good relations with both current and prospective patrons. Our three Conservation Areas adhere to this policy to ensure consistency when providing refunds.


In 2014, we undertook a thorough comparison across Conservation Areas and campgrounds province-wide, and determined that when seasonal campers make their site payment at the beginning of the operating season, they are committing to becoming a "seasonal" camper. These campers then receive competitive rates and special services and privileges within our CAs.


We will not offer any refunds after May 19, 2016. However, rather than implementing a complete "zero refund"
policy, during the first few weeks of the season our customers may request a refund of their seasonal camping fees, minus the daily camping fee for each day since the season began. The Refund Comparison Options Chart shows the refund available during this time. After May 19, there will be no seasonal camping fee refunds under any circumstance. There will also be NO refunds for sewage pumping services or for additional vehicle passes.

Please note that the refund policy does not apply to site evictions. NO REFUNDS are available at any time as a result of a seasonal campsite eviction.


How will this affect your trailer and site should you wish to sell your trailer?

If you sell your trailer and the purchaser becomes a new seasonal camper in our CA, the purchaser will not be charged a seasonal camping fee. A $200 administration fee will be applied to the new camper, to enable CA staff to complete all the tasks associated with
the transition. 

Upon request, your sewage services can be transferred to the new camper.

Additional vehicle passes and swipe cards are non-transferable and must be returned at the time of the site surrender.


New Campers

With these changes in our refund policy, we are now offering a reduced fee to new campers joining us on or after May 12, 2016. The Refund Comparison Options Chart outlines the reduced seasonal fee schedule for 2016.

We hope these changes help us to better serve both new and prospective seasonal campers within our CAs. If you have any questions about the 2016 Seasonal Camper Refund Policy, please contact our Conservation Area staff and discuss it with them directly.