Please take time to enjoy Pittock's trail system. We have several kilometres of trail for all to enjoy. 


Pittock Conservation Area/South Shore:

Starting from the west at Tecumseh St. parking lot (across from the Millennium Trail System) the pitted path trail travels under the CPR Railway Bridge and Highway #59 respectively. Travelling east following the white blazed markers to Pittock Reservoir/Dam where spectacular views can be seen looking east. Travelling through the parking lot, a pitted path leads to the entrance of Roth Park. Here you may enjoy a picnic, fish, hike, bike or take your K9 companion to the controlled dog off leash area. The trail can also be accessed at this point with a parking area provided.  From here the main trail is paved path with secondary trails comprising of hard packed dirt. Both can provide a lovely view over the lake. These side trails (white blazed markers) travel through pine/ spruce plantations and go up and down some gentle inclines. These side trails link back to the main trail, which can be exited at Lansdowne parkette. At the parkette you will find a viewing platform, washrooms, and parking access. A single track trail continues east at this point and will arrive at Hwy #4. This section of trail is comprised of compacted dirt, and is less travelled, but provides amazing views of the east end of the lake. ATTENTION: You will have to double back at this point.


Pittock Conservation Area/North Shore:

The Trail can be accessed in the Day Use area. This area provides parking, washrooms, picnic areas, disc golf, splash pad and a beach area. At this point you have the option to travel west where the trail loops below the dam and back. This area is comprised of mostly open meadows. Special events can sometimes be held in this area, please be courteous to these specific user groups. Fees do apply when using the North Shore area.


W.L. Dickson Arboretum:

Dedicated to the memory of W.L. Dickson. This 6 ha jewel is a product of a group called "The Men of the Trees". Here you will find approximately  140 labeled native trees and shrubs. This area is a 5 min drive from the front gates of Pittock Conservation Area. Please ask our front gate staff for more information. Site Address; 715570 Oxford 4 RD, East Zorra Tavistock, ON.


Rules to remember within the Conservation Area.......

- Please use the official access points indicated on the trail maps (maps to come)
- Stay on the managed trails (marked with white blazes).
- Bicycles are permitted, please be courteous and give way to hikers.
- Access is NOT allowed from dusk to dawn.
- Keep the CA litter free. Pack in & Pack Out!
- All pets must be on a leash (2 m/6 ft max.)
- Fishing is permitted with a provincial fishing licence. Hunting is not permitted.


Maps: Not currently available, please check back at a later date. Sorry for the inconvenience.